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Bishop Canevin A Jesuit-inspired High School


Ricci House

"As much as you are able, that you should dare to do"

House Mentors:

Mr. Lucas Flaus, Mr. Alexander Light, Mrs. Linda McLemore, Mrs. Suzan Rakaczky, Mrs. Denise Streeter, Mr. Timothy Wanamaker

House Jesuit Namesake: Mr. Matteo Ricci

Matteo Ricci was born in 1552. He studied Theology, Philosophy, Mathematics, Astronomy, and Cosmology. Ricci spent much of his life on missions to both India and China. He eventually mastered the Chinese language. Over time, he became the Superior General of China. While spending time in China, he was able to introduce many western ideas to the people. Maps, clocks, and musical instruments were just a small amount of the ideas he brought to the Chinese people. He was also the first western missionary that was invited to meet with the Emperor of China.

House Colors: 

Blue - Loyalty and Truthfulness
Gold - Generosity

House Symbol and Mascot:

Symbol: Stars, which stand for Nobility
Mascot: Falcon, which stands for Eagerness