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Bishop Canevin A Jesuit-inspired High School

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Social Studies Department

Department Members

Mr. Joseph Romano, Dept. Chair
Mr. David Casavale
Mr. Dale Checketts

Program Description

The Social Studies department at Bishop Canevin has designed its courses to provide opportunities for the students to acquire knowledge in the fields of history, the behavioral sciences and political science; to provide for the development of procedural (access) skills - e.g. using references, maps, graphs, tables, timelines, etc.; to provide for the development of information processing skills - specifically, inferencing, comparing and contrasting, classifying, hypothesizing, generalizing and interpreting and, to provide for a hierarchy of skill development, from the simple to the complex.  Students are also encouraged to examine their values in the context of historical events and current issues. To further challenge students who show exceptional ability and more advanced skills, honors courses are offered during the first three years and Advanced Placement (AP) college courses in the junior and senior years.