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Bishop Canevin A Jesuit-inspired High School

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Faith in Action

Service Opportunities

Development of our students into young men and women in service of others is an integral part of the mission of Bishop Canevin High School.  In gratitude for all God’s blessings and gifts, and in the spirit of St. Ignatius of Loyola, students are encouraged to complete their required service hours Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam – For the Greater Glory of God. Every BCHS student is required to complete 25 hours of service each year.  Ten of these hours must be Magis hours, in which students provide hands-on service to individuals in need. 

The benefits of this type of service are not only to the persons being served, but to the students as well since they experience a sense of being truly needed while they encounter individuals who are poor, marginalized, or disadvantaged.  Through their Magis hour service, students are able to act as Christ’s hands and feet here on earth, and to see the face of Christ in others. 

Opportunities to earn service hours will be announced at school, listed in the weekly email to parents, and posted on the school website.  In addition many athletic teams and extra-curricular activity groups organize service opportunities for their members. Students’ home parishes and Catholic grade schools are a great source of service opportunities and we encourage students to volunteer there to maintain their ties to their faith community.  Student help is often needed for fish fries, festivals, bingo, and other parish or school events.  Many of our students complete their required 25 hours of service (and beyond) during the summer months.

Please contact Mrs. Karen Walker at with any questions about Bishop Canevin High School’s service hour policies.



Mission Trips

Students, parents, faculty, and alumni of Bishop Canevin High School participate in an annual week-long Mission Trip to serve individuals in need in the Washington County area. The trip is typically scheduled for the last week of June/first week of July each summer.

Students who participate in the school Mission Trip work side-by-side with those being served through agencies such as Washington County Habitat for Humanity, the Washington City Mission, and the Highland Ridge Community Development Agency. 

Students have helped build houses, renovate and repair homes, restore a community garden, and prepare and serve food to homeless individuals.

Mission Trip participants stay on-site during the week, using the dorms at Washington & Jefferson College and the facilities at the W&J Catholic Newman Center.  Evening spiritual development includes prayer, group discussion, reflection on the day’s work, Eucharistic adoration, and the celebration of mass all of which strengthen the participants’ faith life as well. 

The Mission Trip participants return with a strong sense of community and camaraderie formed by working together during the week-long experience.  It provides the opportunity for all members of the Bishop Canevin school community – students, faculty, parents, and alumni – to bond together in service to those in need and to share their Catholic faith with each other.



Day Away Program

During each quarter, the Bishop Canevin Community engages in a Day Away.  While they are not literally held away from our school, they are days away from our regular classroom routines.

During our Days Away, our faculty, staff, and student body engage in holistic learning activities centered around each of the themes selected for the year.  Students are enriched educationally, spiritually, physically, and socially as they listen to speakers, enter into prayer, and engage in friendly competition between their Jesuit Houses.

Highlights from our Days Away include:

  • 2014-2015
    • Speakers:
      • Bonnie Rolison, Volunteer Coordinator for Catholic Charities
      • Fr. Dan Joyce, SJ, a BCHS alumnus -- Ignatian Spirituality
    • Jesuit House Identity:
      • Research of famous Jesuits – House Jesuits chosen
      • Design of House crests
      • House Christmas trees decorated
    • Activities:
      • Thank-you notes written to servicemen/women
      • Distracted driving simulation
    • Competitions:  Challenge-by-choice, Minute-to-Win-It
  • 2015-2016
    • Themes selected:  poverty, homelessness, and the ecology
    • Fundraising focus: the Chimbote Foundation
    • Speakers:
      • Deacon Tim Noca, Mrs. Sue O’Keefe – Chimbote Foundation
      • Christopher Roach – Operation Safety Net
      • Representatives from Mayor Peduto’s office – the ecology
    • Activities:
      • Poverty simulation activity presented by Just Harvest
      • Students brought in food donations and assembled 1066 bagged lunches to be distributed by Operation Safety Net staff
    • Jesuit Identity:
      • Crusaders 4 Justice group formed
      • Jesuit House t-shirts designed
    • Competitions:  Ultimate Frisbee, dodgeball, field games
  • 2016-2017
    • Themes selected:  Consistent Life Ethic, Fair Living Wage, Cultural Diversity, Adolescent Mental Health
    • Fundraising focus:  Washington City Mission
    • Speakers
      • Consistent Life Ethic panel consisting of representatives from the Washington City Mission, the Catholic Hospice, Catholic Charities Adoption Agency, and Capuchin brothers who engage in prison ministry
      • Dr. Greta Stokes Tucker from the Diocesan Secretariat for Leadership and Evangelization addressed the students on Cultural Diversity
    • Jesuit Identity:
      • Crusaders 4 Justice members who attended the Ignatian Teach-In share their experiences
      • Jesuit House bulletin boards decorated
    • Activities
      • Students brought in donations and assembled care packages to be distributed to homeless individuals served by the Washington City Mission
      • Fair Living Wage simulation
      • Non-perishable food drive to benefit the WCM
      • Winter coat drive was held – over 1000 winter clothing items collected – WCM
    • Competitions:  Dodgeball