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Bishop Canevin A Jesuit-inspired High School

Get Involved

Alumni often ask, “How can I help the school?” There are many ways to help, but a great place to start is by being a BC Goodwill Ambassador and to clearly and enthusiastically communicate the five key advantages of our alma mater’s unique educational experience! 
Here are 15 ways:
  1. Contribute to our Annual Giving Fund – Each year, tuition never fully covers the cost of a Bishop Canevin High School degree. Tuition only accounts for about 85% of expenses incurred during each student’s education. The rest of the costs of educating students come from gifts from people like you
  2. Come to our Annual Crusader Golf Outing which is typically the Second Monday in September
  3. Attend and sponsor our Crusader Auction which is held annually in March
  4. Cheer our sports teams
  5. Business owners can divert your Pa. taxes our EITC fund
  6. Business owners can divert your Pa. taxes to our OSTC fund
  7. Be a Class Ambassador
  8. Present an in-kind gift/donation of material and/or services or donate property or stock
  9. Dedicate a classroom (business, science etc.) by sponsoring its renovation
  10. Create a named legacy scholarship or endowment fund in your name or in that of a loved one
  11. Grant a wish of our Music Dept. or Library
  12. Underwrite the rental fee for the use of a stadium for football games
  13. Serve on a committee such as our Crusader Auction, Crusader Classic Golf or Water to Wine 5K committees
  14. Say “Bingo” any Saturday and/or Sunday night at school
  15. Pray for our guidance, inspiration and efforts