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Bishop Canevin A Jesuit-inspired High School

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Application for Admission 2019-20

Applicant's Name


General Information

Catholic or non-Catholic*
Present Grade*
Applying to Grade*


Choose One*
Father/Step-Father/Guardian is a Canevin Catholic or Bishop Canevin Graduate?*


Choose One*
Mother/Step-Mother/Guardian is a Canevin Catholic or Bishop Canevin Graduate?*
Applicant Resides with*
If parents do not reside together, should the parent at the 2nd household also receive school mailings? (If yes, please give name and address)
The Following Information Is Used to Gather Demographic Information About Our Students For Reporting Purposes.*
Student Ethnicity*

Brothers & Sisters

Is the student's main language English?*
Does the student have a learning disability?*
If yes, does the student have an I.E.P. (Individualized Learning Plan)?
Does the student have any physical disability or health issue (e.g. vision, hearing, asthma, allergies, etc.) of which the School Personnel should be made aware?*

If the above information changes, notify the Counseling Department immediately.

I hereby grant Bishop Canevin High School administration permission to request and examine all information provided by my previous school(s) attended in considering my application for acceptance, admittance and course placement, including: Academic Records, Standardized Test Scores, Attendance Record, Conduct/Discipline Record, Health Record, Psychological Record, Principal and/or Teacher Recommendations.*
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