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Bishop Canevin High School Named Scholarships provide individuals and families the opportunity to establish a scholarship in their name or in honor/memory of a loved one. This charitable act provides tuition assistance to awardees that meet the individual criteria of each scholarship. With our tuition and fees exceeding $9,000 per student, these scholarships can make the difference of whether or not a student is able to afford a Bishop Canevin, Catholic education.

How Can I Create A Named Scholarship?
A Named Scholarship is created by making donations of at least $500 a year for four consecutive years. Scholarships can always be re-established after the four-year period has concluded. These funds are placed in an interest bearing account to create a greater return on your investment. All active scholarships are recognized in the Crusader Journal and Annual Report.

For a Named Scholarship form, click here.

How Can I Donate to an Established Named Scholarship?
Donations to named Scholarships are recognized in our Annual Report. We will also make sure to notify the creator of the scholarship of your donation.

For a Named Scholarship Donation form, click here.


ALUMNI LEGACY SCHOLARSHIP – This scholarship calls on alumni to provide tuition assistance to current and future Bishop Canevin families.

ASTI, CURTI & FOSTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP – This scholarship was founded by Chuck Curti, '68 and Mel Billingsley, '71 in memory of Art Asti '71, Tom Curti '71 and Jim Foster '71. The scholarship assists a graduate of St. Philip School.

CLASS OF 1988 SCHOLARSHIP – This scholarship was founded by Chris Brokaw '88, Lina Insana '88, Jeff Gnipp '88, Bob Williams '88 and an anonymous donor. It assists an incoming freshman by providing him/her with a $500 annual scholarship for four years.

RONALD CYGRYMUS SCHOLARSHIP – Established in honor of Mr. Ronald Cygrymus, long-time faculty member and administrator, a $500 grant is awarded to one incoming freshman. Candidates must have achieved at least a ‘B’ average in grade school years and be actively involved in his/her school.

MARY S. DELVECCHIO/MARY E. KULBACK SCHOLARSHIP – Established by the late Kathleen and current BC teacher Russell DelVecchio in memory of their parents, this scholarship is awarded to an incoming freshman who demonstrates academic promise, Christian service and outstanding leadership abilities.

RICHARD R. GRANDEY SCHOLARSHIP – Established by Sr. Brigid Marie Grandey, S.C. and her family in memory of her brother, the late Richard R. Grandey. $1,500 awarded to one incoming freshman. The awardee must exhibit above-average academic performance, a positive attitude about school, kindness to others, and a community mindedness.

GRANDPARENTS SCHOLARSHIP FUND – This scholarship was established by Mrs. Marianne Reinhart and family in memory of their mother, Margaret Halligan Snock. The $500 scholarship is awarded to one incoming Catholic freshman who has exhibited outstanding leadership above and beyond normal participation in organized events in their school, parish, or community. At least one letter of recommendation must accompany this application verifying the student's role(s) in creating, organizing and leading others in a project or effort that has made a difference.

CATHERINE HARTUNG FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP – Created by the family in memory of Mrs. Catherine Hartung, a life-long educator in Pittsburgh. This scholarship is awarded to one junior or senior who has shown outstanding progress in academics.

DORIS HESSELBERG SCHOLARSHIP – Endowed by the estate of Mrs. Doris Hesselberg, long-time Foreign Language teacher at Bishop Canevin, this scholarship is awarded to an incoming freshman who excels or has an interest in Foreign Languages.

JACK AND ANNA MAE MCGINLEY SCHOLARSHIP – Established by the McGinley family in the memory of their parents and grandparents, Jack and Anna Mae McGinley. Awarded to one incoming freshman with one or more sibling(s) currently in attendance at Bishop Canevin.

REGIS JAMES MCGRATH, ’03 SCHOLARSHIP – Created by Jason Shapiro ’02 to preserve the memory of Regis McGrath ’03. This scholarship is awarded annually to a senior with a minimum 3.0 GPA who actively participates in extracurricular school activities.

MR. MITCH SCHOLARSHIP – Named in memory of a beloved BC teacher John Mieczkowski. Awarded to a student from St. Elizabeth Seton, Elizabeth Ann Seton or St. Philip parishes.

DEAN PETRONE, ’83 SCHOLARSHIP – Established by his family in memory of BC graduate Dean Petrone. The recipient must be a graduate of St. Philip grade school.

JAMES P. PRESKEN SCHOLARSHIP – Established by the Rakaczky family in the memory of BC parent James P. Presken.

JOSEPH & MARY JANE ZYRA SCHOLARSHIP – Created in 2007, this scholarship is awarded to one incoming freshman from either Ss. Simon and Jude or Our Lady of Grace.


PRINCIPAL’S SCHOLARSHIP – This scholarship is awarded on the basis of financial need and academic promise.

FATHER LEO HENRY SCHOLARSHIP – Named in honor of Fr. Leo Henry, BC’s first Headmaster. It is awarded to the one boy and the one girl who achieves the highest score on the Bishop Canevin Placement Test.

JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT SCHOLARSHIP – Awarded to an incoming freshman educated in their grade school by a Junior Achievement representative from Southwestern, PA.

SR. JUDITH WORDEN SCHOLARSHIP – Awarded annually to one student who demonstrates outstanding talents in the area of dramatics.

STUDENT COUNCIL SCHOLARSHIP – This scholarship is awarded yearly to five incoming freshmen who have demonstrated a marked degree of involvement in both their school and parish throughout their grade school years.

FACULTY SCHOLARSHIP – This scholarship is endowed by a number of Bishop Canevin faculty members and is specifically targeted for those families with a third child in the school, although consideration may also be given to those with a second child and special financial need.

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