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Certainly one of the most basic concerns parents face in choosing a high school education for their son or daughter revolves around the issue of cost. We at Bishop Canevin believe that a quality Catholic education should be available to all who genuinely desire such an environment and, therefore, we offer a variety of programs to accomplish this end.


Blessed by the financial assistance of an anonymous donor and the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Bishop Canevin High School is able to provide substantial financial assistance for those Catholic families who are unable to afford the full amount of tuition. Catholic families who are able to demonstrate financial need are eligible for awards. Awards are determined through an application process which evaluates the degree of family need and are conditioned upon the total scholarship money available and number of applicants during any given year.

The following general guidelines should be noted:

  1. The program is available to any current or incoming BC student whose family is registered as practicing Catholics in a Pittsburgh diocesan parish.
  2. Eligibility for a grant under this program is based upon demonstrated financial need, determined through an application to Private School Aid Service (PSAS).


Bishop's Education Fund

This is an endowed fund through the Bishop's Education Foundation. Interest earned on the principle balance of this fund will be distributed each year for education grants. In order to receive a grant, financial need must be demonstrated through application to the Private School Aid Service.

The Scholastic Opportunity Scholarship

A state program which allows businesses to contribute state tax dollars to established scholarship funds. The Diocese of Pittsburgh has established the S.O.S. Fund which distributes scholarships to needy families without regard to race, color, sex, religion, or national origin. Interested applicants must demonstrate need within the salary limits specified. Application through Private School Aid Service must be made.

Private School Aid Service (PSAS) applications are normally available the first week of January. Phone requests will be taken at that time by Mrs. Judi Palastro in the Bishop Canevin Business Office at 412-922-7400 x17.

The deadline for submission of the PSAS form is March 15 prior to the upcoming school year.

All applications, letters of recommendation, essays, etc. for Scholarship considerations are due to Bishop Canevin High School by April 15.

2013-2014 PSAS Applications will be available here in mid-January, 2013.

Note: Forms can be completed via the computer, but must be printed and mailed. Forms cannot be submitted electronically.

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